Crime Fiction Books That Will make you want to be a Detective

If you’re looking to get lost in a world of mystery, you should read one of the most popular crime and mysteries. There are numerous authors who have written characters that will captivate your attention. Stephen King, for example has written over 100 novels of crime and mystery. The characters he has created are not just clever, they are also adept at manipulating suspects. These books can teach you how to become a detective.

The majority of today’s top crime fiction tales are rooted from Victorian literature. Following the war of 1914 Crime stories began to take off in Britain. The themes of violence and loss along with social change are common in the genre of crime fiction. Second world war was the growth of crime novels and numerous authors with over 20 decades of writing experience created the most memorable novels ever written. People who adored this period will be drawn to buy the latest detective novels.

The time of the great detective novel was an excellent time to read and write. Victorians loved stories about solving crimes and justice being delivered. This was the time when the first great detectives of fiction were created. Actually, many of the most famous detectives today began their careers in this time. If you’re in search of an inspirational book to inspire you to become a police officer and a detective, then you must start by reading these books!

Another series that is popular features Detective Rhonda Boney from Gillian Flynn’s best-selling Gone Girl. The series is a recurring detective in each novel and the books may be read any way you like. The series has a regular character. They can be read in a series or in a series of books and the characters’ connections to each other are examined. No matter who wrote them the book will inspire you to become detective.

The best crime fiction novels will inspire you to become a police officer. One of the most popular is the Agatha Christie Miss Marple novels. Miss Marple is a fictional character who’s skilled and clever, and she solves mysteries when police are puzzled. in The Murder at the Vicarage she solves the mystery. As a plus, she has an amazing name, too.

There are numerous classic detective books. But, you might have a favorite. The first was The Moonstone (1868), that is perhaps the first novel that is a detective. The story is about a murder that is set in a rural house. The novel also includes the most well-known sleuth the past, Easy Rawlins. The sequel, Bloodgrove, is set in the 1970s, and is situated on Southern California.